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About Us

Binocoin platform is a unique and all-encompassing decentralized financial hub that is designed to make cryptocurrency trading as easy as eating a pie. It is a one-of-its-kind solution that aims to revolutionize crypto investment as well as bring sanity to the cryptocurrency exchange industry. We are a dedicated two-way exchange platform where crypto enthusiasts and investors can exchange their cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat and grow their portfolio via reduced remittance cost compared to other exchanges.

We also offer an E-trade hub where peer-to-peer trading of goods and services can be carried out. For this, we leverage on transparency, a core value of blockchain technology and the technological convenience of Ethereum smart contract to create a cryptocurrency backed ecommerce solution where goods and services can be bought so that income can be increased for sellers and buyers to enjoy very low transaction fee.

At Binocoin, we understand that responsiveness and simplicity are the highest form of sophistication and we provide our platform users with just that. We are highly dedicated to your satisfaction and our goal is to provide you a seamless exchange and e-trade experience

Crypto-to-FIAT Exchange

This unit will handle trading purely in Binocoin, Bitcoin, and other credible altcoins. it is fashioned to enable spot trading, margin trading, future trading and anonymous instant coin exchange with great speed, flexibility and security.


This is the second phase of our platform that enables a peer to peer and instant exchange of coins to fiat (paper money). This is purposefully integrated to reduce transaction cost for our clients who might want to exchange coins for cash. All these can be done on the site without hassle.


Why Binocoin ?


Guaranteed Security

Top notch security protocol integrated into coding of the bino platform with an anti hacking guard and DDOS repellant


Lightening Exchange

Super fast and powerful matching engine for instant exchange of coins


Easy assets liquidity

Peer-to-peer and instant exchange of crypto currencies


E-trade hub

Buy and Sell with crypto currency, meet major merchants ready to sell their goods in exchange for any crypto currency


Reduced transaction fee

By using Binocoin on the Bino exchange you can get up to 50% reduction in transaction fees


Gift Card

Use Binocoin to purchase gift cards and make payments on other e commerce stores


The Goal of the ICO

The goal of this ico is to raise funds for the Bino exchange and e-trade hub via the crowdsale of our token(BINO). With the ICO, investors that purchase our token will be able to use it for transactions on the platform and earn profit as token value increases simultaneously with the platform growth. Also, with the ICO, massive awareness will be created for Binocoin so that users will come on board to utilize our highly secured exchange and e-trade platform at low remittance fees.

ICO Distribution




January - 2016

Start of project

March - 2016

Critical research into crypto exchanges

June - 2016

Assemble expert team and series of brain storming sections

February 2017

Meeting with influential crypto expert in e-trade hub

June 2017

Algorithm writing with senior block chain developers and programmers

26th March 2018

Pre ico sale of 2000000 tokens starting @ $0.30 for 21days

30th April 2018

Main ICO sale of 40000000 tokens starting @$0.65 for 8weeks

June 2018

Development of project

August 2018

Listing of Binocoin in

September 2018

Business development with partners to expand the Bino eco system

October 2018

Opening of Bino exchange

November 2018

Further development of Platform and security upgrade

March 2019

Opening of e-trade hub


  • What is crypto currency?

    A crypto currency is a decentralized digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses encryption to secure its transaction, to control the creation of additional unit and to verify the transfer of assets. Bitcoin which was created in 2009 was the first decentralized crypto currency

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency in which encryption is used to regulate, generate and confirm unit of transfer of funds

  • v What is Binocoin?

    Binocoin is a new decentralized digital crypto currency created by ERC20 smart contract to be used as the official coin of the Bino exchange for reduction of transaction fees, purchase of gift cards, trading, medium of exchange on our e-trade hub and other e-commerce stores. The total number of Bino coin created is 100 million

  • How can I register?

    ⚫ To have an account, click on ”Register” at the top-right of the website & fill the registration form.
    ⚫ You will get the activation link in your e-mail inbox which you have to click on.
    ⚫ Once you are done with activation process, login onto your account.

  • How can I buy?

    In order to buy BINO , you need to add USD into your BINO wallet.

    1. Click on the ‘Wallet‘ after you log into your Bino ‘Account‘.
    2. Click on 'Deposit' & Add Deposit amount (USD Amount) and than click Generate BTC or ETH Address.
    3. Make deposit usign the BTC or ETH address generated.
    4. Once deposit are confirmed you can then buy BINO token
    5. Sidebar menu click ICO -> select Buy Bino Token.
    6. Now you can buy token using your BTC or ETH balance.

  • Which coin support BINO ICO?

    ⚫ BTC
    ⚫ ETH

Our Team

team people

Edikan Anana

Co founder

CEO of Volhard Ltd and the founder of Studio57, a chief strategist and a veteran of blockchain and crypto trading. Edikan started his career in marketing; he has trained and managed well over 200+ marketers for corporate institutions.

team people

Usoroh I. E.

Co founder

Usoroh is an international turn around manager with an eye on improving shareholder value. As an astute investor in different innovative businesses and other concerns, she enjoys pioneering new ideas, employing sharp negotiating and managerial skills for organizations under her supervision. She has a nose for excellence, believing in change as a constant denominator in all human endeavors. Usoro is indefatigable and focused on results. She has 7+ years practical experience in FOREX spot trading and over 10 years of managerial experience.

team people

Ashish Chamoli

Chief Engineer

A Blockchain expert with exceptional skills in Core matching Engine performance with well over 10 years experience in developing exchange systems and financial exchange application.

team people

Rohit Agarwal

Security Officer

A software developer, ethical hacker and a cyber security expert. Rohit has been developing security software and applications for corporate and financial institutions for over 10 years. He has the responsibility to lead the team of experts to secure the exchange site.

team people

Push Sharma

Chief Architect

Architects and designs the core matching engine and its interface. Push has well Over 10 years experience in professional trading exchange design.

team people

Konstantyn Kudin

Head Marketing

A marketing specialist with more than 7 years experience in marketing and advertising at a strategic and operational level. He has a strong background in business management, improvement and brand development.

team people

Daniel A. Lagoszniak

Blockchain and Trading Exchange Expert

An experienced programmer in automated trading strategies development and optimization trading environment, multi thread optimized algorithm for trading and analysis of financial data.

team people

Damilola O. Marshall

Chief Financial Officer

Marshall is the Managing Director of Crisdamms Global Resources and the Chief Financial Officer of Cintybuild Global Marketing Ltd. He has over 7 years experience in finance, accounting and corporate management. He has since honed his skills in blockchain and crpto currency economics. He holds a Master Degree in Accounting and Management.

team people

Yusuf adegoke

Content Developer

An expert content writer and researcher with an impeccable writing style and tone. He has a very strong expertise in blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency content writing. He believes that the disruptive effect of the distributed ledger technology will soon take over other industries apart from tech.

team people

Johnson Ofonimeh

Blockchain and Trading Exchange Expert

CEO of Jayrep Systems and the founder of Jayscience Tech. He has years of experience in safety, project management and technology consulting, he has led 5+ exchange systems projects and provided comprehensive consulting for strategy, operations, risk control and system development.

team people

Ombo Malumbe

Legal Consultant

Ombo Malumbe is a legal specialist and strategist in Information Communication Technology Law and Cyber, Space and Telecommunications Law. These areas of law go hand in hand with the regulatory framework that underpins Blockchain Technology, inclusive of cryptocurrency ventures. He recently completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Law and holds a Bachelor of Laws.

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